Why We Love Farmers Markets

Many family farmers are struggling to stay financially afloat and face intense pressure from development. And the farms closest to America’s cities—often the providers of the delicious local food found at farmers markets—are directly in the path of destruction.  

American Farmland Trust’s annual Farmers Market Celebration raises awareness about the vital link between family farmers and our local food. 







Family farmers who sell at farmers markets have nearly a 10 percent greater chance of staying in business than those selling goods through traditional channels.  Businesses near farmers markets report higher sales on market days – supporting the local economy and generating extra tax revenue in the community.   Farmers market shoppers save on average nearly 30 percent on food annually – when compared to shopping at grocery stores.  

But your farmers market might be at risk.

Poorly planned development is leading to the rapid loss of farmland. We lose 50 acres of farmland every hour to development. That’s the equivalent of more than 9 local produce farms paved over every day.


And your favorite foods may be at the greatest risk.

The majority of the food we eat comes from farms near urban areas. 
dairy.pngof dairy products

veggies.pngof vegetables and melons

fruit.pngof fruits, tree nuts & berries

Act now. Make sure your farmers market knows about American Farmland Trust’s annual Farmers Market Celebration.