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Tell Congress to Pass a Farm Bill That Supports Conserving Farmland

The next Farm Bill is our best chance for the next five years to win adequate funding for farmland conservation, and other key goals. Please take a minute to tell Congress to support passage of the Farm Bill, including American Farmland Trust's priorities:

To the Honorable _______________________.

I am a member of American Farmland Trust and a supporter of American farming. The Farm Bill is the most important food and farm-related legislation in the next five years. It impacts the lives of every American, both urban and rural. I call upon you to support passage of a comprehensive Farm Bill in 2013 that includes AFT’s Farm Bill goals:

  • Holding the line on funding for conservation programs, in spite of unprecedented budget pressure.
  • Enhanced ability to protect farm and ranch lands under threat from development.
  • A commitment to strategic conservation efforts focused on the greatest challenges and that deliver the biggest bang for the buck.
  • Returning conservation benefits to taxpayers in exchange for subsidized crop insurance, also known as conservation compliance.

Farmland is at the heart of America’s land conservation, our ability to produce nutritious and affordable local food, and other goals crucial to a healthy society. Your vote and willingness to rally other members of Congress in support of common-sense farm policy is crucial to passing the bill our country needs.  Please keep me posted on your activities as the Farm Bill debate moves forward.

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