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Take our Clean Water Challenge: Match a Farmer’s Commitment

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There is a lot of talk today about agriculture’s impact on clean water. Certainly agriculture is a contributor to the pollution in our waterways. But some farmers have taken major steps to prevent soil and fertilizer from leaving their farms. And you might be surprised by the impact a single farm can have! For example, in one year, farmers in our BMP Challenge program reduced fertilizer runoff to the Chesapeake Bay equal to the pollution footprint of 285 households.

We aim to work with farmers to improve water quality by 10 to 20 percent in our project areas and in the process; we’ll create "road maps" to include more farmers and more watersheds. Our goal is to reduce fertilizer runoff by 756,000 lbs – that’s more than the impact of 54,000 households!  

If farmers can achieve such gains for clean water, so can you! You can take our Clean Water Challenge: Match a Farmer’s Commitment and make a pledge to reduce your impact on your local watershed!

We will count each individual pledge towards our goal of 54,000 households matching the commitment of farmers enrolled in our programs.

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How did we figure out the match? In 2010, five farmers enrolled in our BMP Challenge program were given credits from the Pennsylvania Department of the Environment certifying that they prevented 800 pounds of nitrogen from reaching the Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation estimates that the average household has a nitrogen pollution footprint of 14 pounds.  This underscores the significant impact even a single farm using one risk-free conservation practice can make.

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