Customize this E-mail Template to Spread the Word

No Farms No Food MapWant to push your market to the top in your state? You can reach out to your fellow farmers market supporters and community stakeholders by running your own email campaign. Follow the instructions below to spread the word about the current Top Five Farmers Markets in your state. You can help generate buzz around farmers markets in your community by encouraging pride in your market and the farmers who sell to your community and by spreading the No Farms No Food® message!

Who should you contact?

  • Fellow farmers market enthusiasts
  • The  farmers at your favorite farmers markets
  • Community leaders and government officials
  • Local radio stations and newspapers
  • Local blogs or community sites
  • Oprah Winfrey

The email template has a featured link to the Current Top Five Farmers Markets in Your State page and a customizable message to get people in your area inspired to spread the word!  All you have to do is send yourself a copy of the template by inserting your email address below in the "Send To:" box. Then you can click the send button at the bottom of this page to receive a copy of the template in your email inbox. You can click the preview button first to see what the email template will look like.

Once you receive the email template in your inbox, you can use your email software (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc). to select the forward message option and this will make the e-mail template editable. In the forwarded message you can add, delete, or edit the text. Once you have customized the text, simply send the message to your address book.

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