Customize this E-mail Template to Spread the Word

E-cardWant to send a snazzy email to your address book? We have predesigned an email template to help you get started. All you have to do is send yourself a copy of the template by inserting your email address below in the Send To: box. Then you can click the send button at the bottom of this email to receive a copy of the template in your inbox. You can click the preview button first to see what the email template will look like.

Once you receive the email template in your inbox, you can use your email software (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) to select the forward message option and this will make the e-mail template editable. In the forwarded message you can add, delete, or edit the text. Once you have customized the text, simply send the message to your address book.

The contest starts June 22nd at 12 PM Eastern Time!

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